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As a young business owner one of the first things I knew was that there was a whole lot I didn’t know. I knew I needed help in learning how to become more effective in conducting my business so I went searching for help.

I figured people who go to college are smart. So I figured those who teach at colleges must be even smarter. I visited Anderson University located in Anderson Indiana where I had begun my business and asked for the names of the professors in their business department.

Jim Unger was one of the professors I was referred to. He had been in private business for over 30 years so I made an appointment to see him.

I asked him could he help me learn how to become a more a more effective businessman. His reply was to ask me, what do you know now? After interviewing me for some time he saw I had the passion for success but was a raw talent. He agreed to work with me on my leadership skills. For the next 3 years he coached me in how to plan, innovate, and implement my plans for success.

In retrospect I can see that what we call “business coaching” today was just a case of using common sense in finding someone to help me improve my business skills. He taught me to combine, eliminate and simplify my plans. He shared the importance of making a first impression that projected success to those I meet. He counseled me about the importance of surrounding myself with effective people. He introduced me to books and audiotapes by men like Earl Nightingale, and Vince Lombardi, all of which helped me to achieve greater success in my personal and business life.

Not only was Mr. Unger a savvy businessman he was also someone committed to Christ, so his advice had a depth of wisdom and reason that went far beyond simple economics. Having Jim Unger as a business coach not only increased my business success, his coaching helped increase my success at home too.

If you do not have a coach you need to find one. It is for this reason why we have placed more than 200 videos here on our website for you under the title “192 Practices.” These “Practices” represent many of the common sense principles I learned and implemented over the years that helped our companies achieve extraordinary success. I hope you find the advice as important as we did.

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