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Be Different to Achieve Your Goal

How would you define what is a creative person? You might say a creative person is someone who dresses funny. You might say a creative person is someone who is good at art or music. You might say a creative person is someone who has interesting ideas.

All these definitions are true. But I prefer to define a creative person as someone who finds out what everyone else is doing and does something different. They are the people we accuse of “walking to the beat of their own drums.” They are people who “color outside the lines.”

When you are different you stand out. But be careful to make sure you have a good reason for standing out. If it is just to draw attention to yourself then you will be wasting your creativity. Remember you not only have to be creative but you have to have a smart goal.

I think of the now famous physician Patch Adams. He would dress up like a clown and act goofy in order to help his patients laugh. He wasn’t just being silly. He had a goal of getting to know his patients as people and treating them as people would help him better diagnose their problems and solve them.

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