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Get Creative: First Believe

A 21 Day Practical Exercise

What is the most important part of becoming a creative person? Belief that you are creative or can become creative. Don’t underestimate the fundamentals of success. All professional athletes understand and practice this. They know that if they don’t first believe they can achieve it then they are doomed to fail. Success begins with belief.

Try this exercise for the next 21 days and see if you don’t become more creative. 1. Write this message at the top of your to do list, on your screen saver, and a post-it note on your mirror. TODAY I WILL BE CREATIVE IN MY EFFORTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL! I WILL SIMPLIFY, COMBINE, AND ELIMINATE.

With each task you undertake at work and at home for the next 21 days look for ways to be creative in three simple ways: 1. Ask yourself how you can simplify this process to make it easier to accomplish. 2 Combine any steps possible to make the task less time consuming. 3. Eliminate steps to achieve the desired results are you still doing things like your parents did 20 years ago or have you tried to eliminate wasted effort?

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