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You can talk all you want about success. But until you actually take a chance and try something you’re just talking. It takes courage to act (Courage: one of the Five Fundamentals of Common Sense Success).

The incredible global success of our companies depended on us taking action. This took some courage because not every action worked. The actions that did work–and there were many of them–usually became “practices” we implemented company-wide. Many of these “practices” became part of our every day life at home as well as at work. These are the “practices” presented in these very short videos we present to you totally free.

This first practice has always been one of my favorites. Like many of these practices that built and still maintain our business and personal success it runs counter to what you think would be the bet behavior. In our company we chose to MAKE A LIST OF DO’S NOT DON’TS. Here is why…

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