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I Could Never Be A Collector!

I Could Never Be a Collector!

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Collections made human sounds like an oxymoron, but I learned about collecting money as a young boy. Many times I have been asked how can you be a collector? I could never do that job. Why? Is it because you think it is okay for people to not pay their past-due accounts? Do you think you have to treat those who don’t pay badly?

Or is it because you don’t understand that it is a collectors job to assist the past-due customer in finding a way to pay his account so he can continue to buy now and pay later. Don’t you know a collectors job is to become a problem solver and help those who owe find a solution that will them meet their obligation to pay. Once you understand how rewarding it is to protect peoples right to enjoy the benefits of buying on credit you might change your mind.  A career in collecting is one that is both personally and financially rewarding. In my book The Debt, you will learn the steps to becoming an effective collector.

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