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[youtube][/youtube] For anyone to succeed, whether in business or in life, you must have times where you require uninterrupted time in the zone. We didn't leave these times up to chance, we scheduled when we would be in the zone.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Common sense is genius dressed in working clothes.” A Persian proverb says, “One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it.” Bill Arnold says in his book Common Sense Success, “Failing is never failure as long as you determine never to quit.” The bottom line is: Common Sense wears jeans, is a hard worker, and always finishes the job! Here are videos featuring Common Sense you can use.

Combine and Simplify 75
Bill Arnold
Who Has The Influence? 113
Bill Arnold
The Notebook Practice
Bill Arnold
Common Sense Psychology
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Common Sense Success: The Book

In the book Common Sense Success, Entrepreneur and Fortune 100 trainer Bill Arnold reveals the everyday practices behind his family's success both at work and at home.

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Learn Common Sense Practices: Video Archives

Bill Arnold, author of The Five of Fundamentals of Common Sense Success, shares common sense practices in these short videos to help you Find Your Way in business and life. Inspiring, instructing, entertaining.

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