Praise for Common Sense Success

Common Sense Success is a fantastic book for those who are ready to be grown ups, to take responsibility and get committed to their success. Bill Arnold rolls out the red carpet of tools for achievement. Anyone who applies even one of these value filled chapters will find themselves with a more promising career and a blessed personal life. Bill has lived his life engaging in experiences most of us only dream about and he openly shares the best of the best components for being devoted to a life you can enjoy and live abundantly. You’ll finally put fear behind you and receive the courage to succeed.

Kelli Calabrese
Fitness Expert for Living Well with Montel Williams;
Author of Feminine, Firm & Fit;
and four-time Personal Trainer of the Year

Common Sense Success is a great book! It has taught me to focus on the little things in life to help me be successful not only in the workplace but in my daily life. Bill Arnold challenges you in the book to sometimes do the things you don’t want to do, knowing the end result will allow you to grow and push you in the right direction to be successful. I refer back to the book on a weekly basis to help me address issues in my workplace!!

Curtis Fuller
NFL coach and former NFL player

Bill Arnold’s Common Sense Success is required reading for everyone who wants a better life!

Tammy Kling
Author of The Compass

Common Sense Success goes right to the heart of what it takes to succeed in good times and in bad. Bill Arnold has cut out the fluff and provides you needed insights and ideas you can use to become and stay successful.

Mark Sanborn, bestselling author of The Fred Factor and You
Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader

Bill Arnold and his new title Common Sense Success are both solid resources to help you win in life. I know because Bill has mentored me for years and is one of the men I respect most in the entire world.

Tony Jeary
Coach to the World’s Top CEOs
Author of Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the speed of life.

The book Common Sense Success is indeed just what is says—common sense. Yet I cannot tell you how many times in business and life I have come across people who seemingly have no idea of the very simple concepts presented in the book. Common Sense Success will give a significant advantage to anyone who reads the book but I would particularly like to see it read by every recent graduate of every undergraduate business school in this country. These individuals would improve their chance for success right out of the gate by doing so.

Robert D. Markley
Retired Senior Managing Director
Investment Management Co., Indianapolis, IN

Common Sense Success is a practical antidote to the entitlement culture sweeping our society. Indeed, there is need for being reminded that dedication and hard work are admirable pursuits. Thank you, Bill, for a much needed reminder.

R. Byron Carlock Jr.
President & CEO
CNL Lifestyle Company, LLC

Love it. Common Sense Success is simple, direct, and easy to read. In the least it excites. But but more, it motivates. And even more it doesn’t criticize you if you don’t want to set goals. Instead the book states what can happen if you don’t and what can happen if you do and further confirms those beliefs with exhilarating life stories. Common Sense Success also motivates you to set goals and explains simply the steps to take in achieving these goals. It enlightens you to the fact that neither age, nor physical condition, nor financial difficulty, nor emotional havoc or combination thereof has to stop you in life.”

Ellen Snoyer
Flower Mound, TX