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Next to being paid a fair wage for your hard work nothing is more satisfying than getting free stuff. What is amazing is how easy it is to get free stuff. All you have to do is ask.

Here are some true examples:
One day a mountain climber was shopping for special climbing shoes at a mountain climbing store in preparation for an upcoming expedition. The mountain climber would be taking camera equipment along with him on the expedition and he wanted to find a way to protect his camera gear from moisture. He knew he could purchase silicone packets to put in his camera bags. But he noticed there were several silicone packets in the box with his shoes so he asked the sales clerk if they had more of these that he could have. But of course! The clerk said. The clerk said they collect all the packets customers don’t want and keep them for just this sort of thing. The clerk went away and when the clerk came back he held five pounds of silicone packets! Totally free!!

If you are buying a car don’t just accept the offer. Ask for all kinds of free stuff. All the salesman can do is say no. Because the salesman wants to seal the deal with you they will much more likely say yes to some or all of your requests! In fact they expect you to ask and are already authorized by their boss to negotiate with the customer.

If you are in a restaurant ask if the restaurant will give you one free desert if you purchase three. If you are purchasing a house ask for the house to be repainted at no additional cost to you.

There is no limit to what you can ask for. The key is to just ask.

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