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The Three A’s Tool

As soon as you are shocked awake by knowledge of your incompetency in some thing you have a choice to press on or quit. This is the great battlefield of belief.

This is how you press on in the face of your incompetency: You fire up the engine of the Three A’s. The Three A’s are your tool for overcoming obstacles and fear! You Admit you don’t know everything. You find a way to Adapt a new approach. And sometimes you Augment your abilities.

Admit, Adapt and Augment:

When you encounter an obstacle your response will likely first be frustration and maybe even a desire to quit whatever you are doing. Admit to yourself you don’t know all the answers to solve the problem you are facing. When I first realized skiing was much more difficult than I had imagined I had to admit to myself I didn’t know what I was doing.

If I was going to learn to ski I would have to ask someone for help. I was going to have to Augment my abilities by finding someone who could help me.

I also realized that I wasn’t going to be able to learn how to ski in an hour so I had to Adapt my approach to learning to fit a new time schedule. Instead of jumping on a ski lift and heading to the top of the slopes after a few hours I adapted my learning to fit the schedule of my teachers who kept me on the bunny slopes for the morning.

The biggest hindrance to your Mental Success will be your inner frustration and fear. But when you learn to Admit, Adapt and Augment you can move past your obstacles.

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