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A Guarantee of Competence: K+E+S= C/C (repeat)

Success is a cycle. You need confidence to keep trying and believing and it is competency that gives you confidence. Here is a trustworthy formula for keeping you in the cycle:

K+E+S= C/C

Knowledge + Experience + Success = Competence leading to Confidence (repeat)

How the formula works

You build your Knowledge as you form a goal. You take action that becomes Experience. Your activity leads to a Success (in this formula even failings are successes because they feed the cycle of experience and knowledge). This turns into levels of Competence. When you become competent you become Confident and seek more Knowledge leading to more Experience, etc.

Success becomes your cycle.

Confidence isn’t wishful thinking however. It is expectant thinking. It is based on Knowledge and Experience. You don’t hop in your car with your family for the annual beach vacation without the confidence you will actually reach the beach. You have knowledge of the beach, you plan to take action and actually make the journey. And if the car breaks down along the way or the plane is delayed it doesn’t erode you Confidence that you can achieve your goal. The beach is still there and you are still traveling. But fear is the cement of inaction. Fear causes you to not see Success in your Experience when the experience doesn’t go exactly like you had planned.

The common sense question then is how do you get Knowledge? How do you get Experience? How do you choose to see Success in every undertaking even when you fail? And how does this formula guarantee Competence?

  • Knowledge: Knowledge comes from what you learn from other people directly and what you read or watch. Put another way, knowledge amounts to the people you allow in your life and the amount of books and other information you consume.
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  • Success: Success is what you achieve. Success is not always being “successful” however. Sometimes what you achieve is a failing. But it’s never really a failure. Failing will always be a part of your success when it helps you learn. Remember what Bill Arnold said: “Failing is only failure when you quit.” (The Five Fundamentals of Common Sense Success, page 83).
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  • Confidence: Confidence isn’t wishful thinking, it is expectant thinking. When you are confident in what you know and have experienced you are confident in your competence. Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Confidence is based on Knowledge, Experience, and Success. A person has Confidence in their level of Competence.
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