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Confidence isn’t wishful thinking, it is expectant thinking. When you are confident in what you know and have experienced you are confident in your competence.

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Confidence is based on Knowledge, Experience, and Success. A person has Confidence in their level of Competence. Arrogance is like blind ambition. It is a desire and confidence that lacks knowledge or competence. Blind ambition believes that what is desired is deserved. True confidence knows that desire isn’t enough.

From The Five Fundamentals of Common Sense Success, Chapter Six: “Dare to Believe”:

“Some people are so busy doubting themselves that they don’t have time to believe. If they would spend some of that time believing and trying instead of doubting they’d at least be doing something constructive. At most they’d be working their way toward success.

A person who doubts his or her own abilities isn’t likely to stop doubting until he or she at least tests them. Then the person can stop doubting. Either the person will know that he or she truly can succeed at the task in question or he or she will know that, at least for now, he or she can’t succeed and is in need of more practice and/or training.

Self-doubt simply is a waste of time. A group of eleven mountain climbers led by Phil Bartow didn’t waste their time doubting whether they could reach the 14,410-foot peak of Mt. Ranier, Washington, in July 1981 one month after an icefall buried alive 11 climbers there. They just went ahead and started the climb.

Nine of the eleven climbers made it a day ahead of schedule, two dropped out because of illnesses.

The fact that the two dropouts were blind had nothing to do with the fact that they didn’t reach the peak. Of the nine who succeeded, six were blind, two were deaf and one had only one leg; he climbed with an artificial limb.

The handicapped mountain climbers could have spent their time doubting. Who could have blamed them? However, they decided to spend their time trying – and succeeding.”

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