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Experience is gained by what you do and what you attempt to do.

Experience is taking action toward goal. Knowledge isn’t enough to help you succeed. You must act and Action takes Courage, which is one of the Five Fundamentals of Success. (See Chapter 14 of The Five Fundamentals of Common Sense Success: “It Takes Courage to Succeed”)

William Shakespeare said,“Talking isn’t doing. It is a kind of good deed to say well; and yet words are not deeds.” Business innovator and one time U.S. Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot said, “Talk is cheap. Words are plentiful. Deeds are precious.”

If you will accomplish anything you will have to take action. This becomes your Experience. And yet much of life is daydreamed away in waiting. Many people talk about what they will or would do and only a few go and do. And of those who do launch out and have Experience, many of these quit at the first sign of trouble and retreat back to the couch of criticism. It is easy to criticize from the comfort of your quiet living room. But people who are busy with Experience do not have time to criticize and wonder.

Though Experience seems like the easiest part of this formula it is actually one of the most difficult parts. Choose to work through your Experience and learn from your Experience and you will see that your Competence will evolve and your Confidence will grow!

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In the book Common Sense Success, Entrepreneur and Fortune 100 trainer Bill Arnold reveals the everyday practices behind his family's success both at work and at home.

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