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Knowledge comes from what you read, watch and hear. Put another way, you build knowledge through the people you know and the books and information you consume.

If you want to increase your Mental Success you will have to increase your Knowledge. This doesn’t mean you have to become a scholar but it does mean you have to develop habits for acquiring good stuff for your brain.You already gain knowledge on a daily basis whether you are aware of it or not. By the TV you watch, the music you listen to, the amount of time you spend on the internet or playing video games, by the people you spend time with, and by the stuff you read.

Ask yourself some questions: How much TV do I watch? How much music do I listen to? Who are my closest friends who gives me advice? Do I play video games? What books and articles do I read? What are my core beliefs? Answering these questions is a good place to start. When you do a survey about what and who is influencing your mind you will be able to see where you can improve your Knowledge.

Never underestimate the power of learning nor of the power of bad influences on your Knowledge. The three areas where you develop Knowledge are Reading, Watching and Hearing.

What you Read:

Remember when you read a book it is like having a private get together with the author!

People often say how much they would love to meet this or that famous person. Books make that possible! You can read about a famous person and it is just like having a personal meeting with them. You can read or listen to books (audio books are great for those who travel or spend a lot of time commuting). You can read magazines, blogs (magazines often provide more depth and research into a subject and blogs generally provide easy to access facts and anecdotes), newsletters, and technical reports.

What you Watch:

Your knowledge is affected by what you watch. How much TV do you watch a day? Are you selective in how much TV you watch and the types of programs you choose? Do you watch the internet? Most “viewing” is either via the television or the internet and most of this viewing is for entertainment. There is nothing wrong with entertainment, however your Knowledge will reflect what you consume.

You can make some entertainment beneficial by mixing up your viewing to include educational programs. You can go even further with your viewing and choose to dedicate some of your time to watching instructional videos. Most fields offer loads of experts with recorded material. Most material can be found on the internet. The great material is rarely free. To save on cost use your local library to check out teaching videos!

What you Hear:

Never underestimate the power other people’s ideas have to influence you. By the same token, you have the power to choose who and what you listen to. Everyone has advisors. Who are your advisors? Are they people who display integrity? Are your advisors “foxhole friends”? In other words, friends you would want fighting a war next to you in a foxhole. They are friends you trust to always look after your best interest. When you surround yourself with people who tell you only what you want to hear you will never be challenged to improve yourself. If you surround yourself with people only interested in themselves you can’t trust them to be open and honest.

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