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Success is what you achieve. However, success is not always about being “successful.” Sometimes what you succeed at is failing.

All achievers know that the path to a worthwhile goal is often awash in failings. Much of life is about trial and error. To seek success you must be willing to achieve both failings and successes. Bill Arnold said, “Failing is only failure when you quit.” (The Five Fundamentals of Common Sense Success, page 83).

In the book Common Sense Success author Bill Arnold explains what fundamentals of success will keep you going in the face of obstacles that will allow you to turn every Experience, whether desired or undesired, into Success.

From Chapter 14, “It Takes Courage to Succeed”:

“A quote often attributed to the conqueror Napoleon is, “Imagination rules the world.” I rather think it is courage that does the ruling. Without courage a person doesn’t dare imagine some of the dreams that come to guide their lives, whether positive or negative.

Of the four success traits I’ve presented in this book, which would you think is the most important characteristic that separates successful people from failures?

Many people might think dedication is most important. Charting a specific course of action and devoting yourself to following it is a necessary ingredient to success. Yet, many dedicated people fail to reach their destinations because they get sidetracked during their trips.

Some people might think self-belief is important. Yet, belief is probably the most fragile ingredient of success. The world is full of critics and mediocre people who would discourage you. As a result, your belief system may shatter like a piece of glass dropped upon a concrete floor.

Self-control must be the most important quality, right? After all, if a person can control his or her actions, he or she could do almost anything, right? Yet, if a person’s dedication and belief fades, self-control is apt to do likewise. After all, the incentive to control your actions is likely to fade fast if you don’t know where you’re going and seriously doubt you could get there, even if you did.

Could people skills be the most important trait supporting success? Not by a long shot. The world is full of nice, polite failures.

The fact of the matter is simple. None of the four traits is any more – nor any less – important than the other. If one trait diminishes, at least one of the other four is likely to diminish with it.

However, there is a character trait that separates successful people from failures. With this trait, a person can maintain his or her dedication, belief, control and people skills even during times of extreme discouragement.

This trait is courage. It takes courage to succeed, because courage is what pulls together the previous four ingredients of success.

Courage is what will make you maintain your dedication at times when you’d rather not. When you are tired and scared. It will help you nurture your belief system at times when the world seems to ridicule you for trying, and when even you believe you might fail. Courage will help you keep going.”

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