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Eliminate the “D” word from your vocabulary…
“D” standing for that dreaded word “dieting.”

Let’s clarify something. The word “Diet” is a noun. It is the food you eat. “Dieting” is a different word. It is a verb. It is the methodology you use to reduce your diet for physical health or vanity. “Dieting” is the “D” word you should eliminate from your vocabulary. If you eliminate the first one you will starve to death.

If you follow the example of the Three E’s and you particularly pay attention to the two-point plan of Eating success, which is Moderation and Balance, then you should never have to “go on a diet.” What is more you will find your quality of life is much better because you will not be suffering yourself constant denial.

You need to like what you are doing. When you “go on a diet” it is like telling yourself you are going to deny yourself because in this way of thinking you are.

Dieting is synonymous with denial. Eliminate the word! Choose not to use it. Instead choose to pursue your health by “watching your diet.” Watch the noun, don’t do the verb.

You will find that if you practice Moderation and Balance you can accomplish much of what “dieting” promises but without the worry and the anxiety. You can eat chocolate, pizza, red meat and butter and still reduce unnecessary or unhealthy weight. You can salt your biscuits. You can even drink a Pepsi. You will have to moderate how you eat all of these things and you will balance these typically “sinful” foods with broccoli (and other good stuff). The point is that you can make Eating for success a positive experience without ever saying the word “dieting” again.

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