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How do you become accidentally fit physically? Find something you like to do and commit yourself to it.

Not everyone likes working out in a gymnasium. Not everyone likes to swim laps. Not everyone likes to climb hills and get dirty. Not everyone likes to jump rope, do pull-ups, set-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks. But almost everyone can find something physical they enjoy doing. If you want to increase your Exercise Success and you are having a difficult time choosing from what you believe are more traditional forms of exercise, take a look at your life interests and see if there is something in your physical life where you can find a little exercise.

You will likely discover you have something already present in your life you can exploit for your Exercise Success.

It might be chopping wood. Gardening. Walking on the beach collecting driftwood. It might be yard work. You might only like bicycling alone on wooded trails. You might like playing in the surf. The point is that you can find significant exercise in common, everyday activities. And you can feel free to limit your exercise to only those things you enjoy. What matters is that you find a way to be consistent in your exercise life and to tweak it to increase your abilities according to what your life needs.

You do not need to become an elite athlete in order to have physical success. You only need to be healthy. And when you practice what you love you will almost always increase in your abilities in such a way that you are barely aware. You will wake up one day breathing a little better, feeling a little leaner, muscles a little more firm and you will realize you have become one of the “accidentally fit.”


Several years ago an old, common sense methodology for exercise began to undergo a renaissance. Not only did this old form undergo a renaissance, it is now the foundation for athletes seeking elite status worldwide. It is popularly called “Crossfit.” The basis of this exercise philosophy is that a person use natural motions from everyday life to build their physical success. You use squats, dead lifts, pull/push/sit ups and basic calisthenics, aerobic movements and running. But you don’t do the exercises like they used to teach you in grade school. Instead you mix and match as you need. And you throw in any assortment of natural exercise you desire from your environment. You may grab a couple of rocks from the garden and do a set of squats holding the rocks. Some Crossfit enthusiasts drag a log or a tractor tire with a rope around their chest. The point is they are using muscles used in everyday life, unlike a lot of typical gymnasium weight lifting and exercising.

What this has to do with being accidentally fit is that the Crossfit idea lends itself to each person customizing his or her workouts to their environment and life needs.

To become “accidentally fit” does not mean it is easy. It just means that it is more enjoyable because while you are exercising you are also enjoying!

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