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How do you achieve common sense success with your eating habits? Eat less and balance what you eat.

In 1932 Robert Hutchison said, “The scientific truth may be put quite briefly; eat moderately, having an ordinary mixed diet, and don’t worry.” Moderation and balance, with a bit of common sense psychology thrown in for salt. Pretty straight forward advice.

Why do so many people fail to achieve their eating goals? The very same reason people fail at many of their other goals. They fail to practice the fundamentals. They try instead to achieve lofty goals with unnatural and sometimes even unhealthy habits. They fail and they become discouraged and they quit.

You will never go wrong when you practice the fundamentals. When it comes to eating the most fundamental advice you can give yourself is also the easiest advice to tactically implement. Reduce your portions and make sure you are getting a good balance of God-given nutrients.


If you want success with your eating habits, reduce the amount you eat each meal. If you live in the United States chances are not only that you are not eating healthy, but that you are almost certainly eating more than you need. You don’t need a dietician to help you reduce your food portions. Just decide to do it. Choose not to supersize your meal. Get the single burger instead of the double and skip the cheese every now and then. Take three slices of pizza instead of five. Don’t go back for thirds (but don’t deny yourself seconds). Remember it is about moderation not elimination.

You don’t have to count calories. You don’t have to join a weight loss club or buy special meals. You don’t have to do anything more complicated than cut back your portions.

This is not to say diets and clubs are not valuable and useful. They can be. But they are not part of the fundamentals. If you will develop a habit with these two simple fundamentals for eating then you will find that when you do join a club or try a weight loss method (if you even feel the need to do so after practicing the fundamentals) that you will be far more successful. On the other hand if you fail to practice these two fundamentals in your eating habits you can almost guarantee yourself failure at whatever method or gimmick you attempt.

Nothing can replace the fundamentals. They are the foundation that you build all other success on top of.

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How do you “balance” what you eat? Remember kindergarten and The Food Pyramid? Yeah, it’s that simple. Everything your kindergarten teacher told you about growing up strong and becoming an Olympic champion by eating your broccoli was true. They’ve changed it from a pyramid to a plate but the idea is the same. Eat the right amounts of Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Protein, with a little Dairy on the side and you will be eating healthy.

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