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The Most Important Nutrient: Water

When was the last time you looked at a glass of water and thought, hmm, health food? Probably never. It’s just, uh, water, right? It’s nothing. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless (actually not true, but for sake of this tidbit let’s agree). It’s just water.

Wrong. Water is your body’s number one nutrient. It is the thing your body needs most. It is the body’s number one solvent and transporter of all things good and bad. Protein and vitamins, cool as they are, wouldn’t have a chance without it. Water is cool.

Water is, well, half of you. More than half if you are a man. Point is we take water for granted.

Don’t feel guilty. Water probably doesn’t mind. When you are as important as water you don’t need people to recognize you in order for you to know how awesome you are.

What is important is that you learn some common sense ways for how to use water to increase your Physical Success

This is the best water tip you can get: Drink more of it.

Other than this here are some tips and benefits to your increased Physical Success from drinking more water.

Fact or fiction: Drinking more water helps with weight loss. Fact. Kinda. When you drink more water in the day then your belly will have something in it and you will likely diminish your cravings. If you drink water before a meal you are filling up your belly and making it more likely that you will eat less.

Fact or fiction: Drinking ice water burns calories. Fact that is more like fiction. It is true that cold water causes your body to burn calories in order to raise the temperature. But it is hardly enough to make much of a difference. Roxanne Webber of put it like this: “You’ll burn about 8 calories for each glass of iced calorie-free beverage you drink. That’s equal to about one Life Saver: not exactly a weight-loss miracle.”

How much water should a person drink daily? This ultimately depends on who you are, where you are and what you are doing. But generally speaking you are safe if you follow the 8×8 rule. Drink eight eight-once servings of water in a day. That’s really not a lot. Think two standard athletic drinking bottles a day.

Fact or Fiction: You can drink too much water. Fact. Too much water can be deadly. The U.S. military has a daily limit on how much water a soldier can drink due to several soldiers having died from consuming too much water. You can read about the science somewhere else, but the U.S. military sets the extreme high daily limit at 12 quarts—which amounts to twelve standard athletic drinking bottles. Bottom line is to use common sense.

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