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If you will enjoy Physical Success you must first learn to “stop and smell the roses.” Well, that’s a little old-fashioned. Let’s try this: In the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson, Calvin puts it this way:

“I say, if your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.”

The point is clear. If you will Enjoy you will need to focus on what matters. You will have to “stop and smell the roses.” You will have to get out into the world and live like Calvin. Maybe you can follow the example of John Goddard.

John Goddard, author of The Survivor, and the youngest inductee into the Los Angeles Explorers’ Club, decided at a young age he was going to live his entire life smelling the roses! Goddard said at the age of fifteen he had heard too many adults talking about the things they regretted having not done. So he determined to make a list right then of all the things he wanted to accomplish so he would not live a life filled with regrets. He called it “My Life List.” The list had 127 goals covering everything from exploring the world’s longest rivers and climbing the world’s tallest mountains to reading the entire Bible and getting married to learning to speak French, Spanish and Arabic! He even listed playing a part in a Tarzan movie! It was the ultimate “bucket” list (the list of things he wanted to do before he “kicked the bucket).

Goddard’s list is now famous. Goddard has been featured on international shows such as Dateline NBC and has spoken around the world. Now in his eighties Goddard has checked off all but seventeen of his goals. He has explored the world’s longest rivers, climbed eleven of the world’s tallest mountains, published in National Geographic, learned to play the flute and violin, set aviation records, discovered unique medicines and married the woman of his dreams.

John Goddard’s Physical Success embodied what it is like to Enjoy a quality life. And he has some very clear advice for how you can achieve a quality life of Physical Success: Don’t postpone true living!

John Goddard sums up his strategy like this:

“You need a plan for everything, whether it’s building a cathedral or a chicken coop. Without a plan, you’ll postpone living until you’re dead.”

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