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How to Become a Win-Win Negotiator

How to Become a Win-Win Negotiator











Feedback Samples:

The Purpose of this Seminar

This seminar teaches negotiating with confidence. You learn how to overcome negotiating obstacles, and how to focus on solutions, not problems.

Brief Outline

  • Section One: Becoming a Win-Win Negotiator
  • Section Two: Negotiating With Confidence
  • Section Three: Negotiating for Payment-In-Full
  • Action Plan

Feedback from Audiences

I was engaged by the delivery, never bored. Bill Arnold is a great speaker with great ideas I believe my collecting skills will improve with 4 hours with him.

——Sara Moor, U.S.Bank; Portland, OR

The ideas given to help us improve our negotiation skills.

——–Christine Anceono, Genpact; Philippines

I like that Bill kept this fresh and new ideas from last program.

——– Sarah Goodfellow, U.S. Bank; Portland, OR

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