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Some of the practices we initiated in our companies were very specific and might seem a little odd. But the effect of these practices, like this one--remove the chairs from the break room--were incredible. Remember, one of the Five Fundamentals of Common Sense Success is Control. Learn to take care of that small percentage of things you actually can control and don't bother with all the things you can't control. For example, you can't control whether or not an employee will want to sit and waste time in the break room. But you can control how the break room is organized. You can organize the break room in such a way that it physically encourages certain behavior, like standing up. Never underestimate the power of intentional little practices such as this one. Their cumulative effect for us was astounding. We transformed the culture of our workplace and home by our dedication to these practices.
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Common Sense Success: The Book

In the book Common Sense Success, Entrepreneur and Fortune 100 trainer Bill Arnold reveals the everyday practices behind his family's success both at work and at home.

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Learn Common Sense Practices: Video Archives

Bill Arnold, author of The Five of Fundamentals of Common Sense Success, shares common sense practices in these short videos to help you Find Your Way in business and life. Inspiring, instructing, entertaining.

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